TerraCottem®  – the product range


TerraCottem® Universal: This is the TerraCottem® we all know, probably best described as the ‘original recipe’ except that the Belgium science that developed it in the first place can’t help but continue to tweak that recipe and make it better.

In fact, ongoing research has fiddled a bit with the copolymers and growth stimulants, but it’s essentially the same beast, designed to do what it does so well: to help plants survive in tough conditions. This is still the TerraCottem® to use in most applications – trees, shrubs, revegetation, roof gardens and general turf.

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TerraCottem® Turf: Now this one’s new and it’s special because it’s been developed specifically for high-end-use turf areas. Developed with input from turf experts it contains a zeolite base, selected from around 50 options following three years of trials. The zeolite has an even better water-holding capacity than the base material used in TerraCottem® Universal (a pyroclastic rock) as well as a boosted cation exchange capacity.

They’ve also added in humic acid and turf-specific nutrients among other things, so that the whole product manages to shorten the time it takes to get a high-use playing surface back into action between seasons. This is the product to use for top-shelf reconditioning or establishment following reconstruction, for example, ovals or putting greens.

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TerraCottem® Complement: Here’s a product that has a very specific use. It was developed originally for agricultural users who were losing TerraCottem® each time they pulled a crop from the soil.

Complement’s ingredient ratio is different, so that when it’s applied, it doesn’t overload the soil with copolymers, but it does make sure the plants get the full benefit of the nutrients and root stimulants.

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What is TerraCottem?

root%20growth%20in%20hand Roots%20-%20with%20and%20without TerraCottem works on various fronts at the same time...

To start with, TerraCottem uses two main mechanisms to encourage substantial root development – copolymers and root growth precursors.

The copolymers are a little like water-holding crystals except that TerraCottem’s hydroabsorbent co-polymers have been carefully selected and well researched. This means that instead of just one polymer with a narrow water-holding and water-releasing ability, there is a group of them providing the same function over a wide range, for years. To put it crudely, more water can be stored and released under a broader variety of conditions.
As for the root growth precursors, by definition a precursor is a chemical compound which leads to another. The precursors found in TerraCottem do exactly this, and for a very good reason. If you put growth hormones into soil, they rapidly biodegrade. But if you put precursors into the root zone, the plants get a kick-start by synthesising their own growth hormones. And this conducive environment – for optimum cell division and elongation – stays like this for 12 months.

Then there is a nicely varied collection of plant nutrients – soluble mineral fertilisers, in a format suited to the early growth phase of a plant; slow-release fertilisers, designed to offer a constant source of food over many months; and synthesised organic fertilisers which focus on the soil, stimulating microbiological activity and general soil health.

Add this all together and the result is fast and furious root establishment. This means greater accessibility to water, fewer losses, and, given the reciprocal dynamic between roots and canopy, noticeably vigorous growth. In the longer term, the soil conditioning power of TerraCottem means that plantings are buffered from stress.