TerraCottem® – The world’s leading soil conditioner and soil conditioning technology

TerraCottem® is a soil conditioner, used worldwide by horticultural experts to create thriving plantings of turf, annuals & perennials, shrubs and trees.

As a soil conditioner, TerraCottem® is an especially powerful tool when facing challenging growing conditions. In poor soils where water is limited, TerraCottem’s soil conditioning properties produce results and resilience.

Golf courses, sports fields, public gardens, roof gardens, revegetation projects, street tree avenues – in each of these situations TerraCottem® increases establishment, reduces plant stress and creates sustainable landscapes that perform.

Developed by the University of Ghent (Belgium), TerraCottem® is designed to improve the water and nutrient retention capacity, the structure, the aeration, and therefore the quality and performance of growing media. TerraCottem® consists of root growth activators, fertilisers, hydroabsorbent co-polymers and carrier material.

Available in Australasia, TerraCottem® is offered with expert support services.