uses-turf-afterovalTurf – whether a sports field, golf course or established lawn – has the same needs. Great looking, resilient turf comes from careful management of a complex set of factors, among them: soil structure, available nutrients, pH & cation exchange capacity, irrigation, drainage, pests and diseases, grass species selection, and wear.

Good management produces a functional turf: a sports turf that holds up to the schedule of games on the field; a golf course that exceeds players’ expectations; a glorious sweep of lawn to set off a garden landscape.

TerraCottem helps to achieve all this. Applied at site preparation stage – whether seeded, turfed or sprigged – it promotes faster & better germination and turf establishment. As the grass grows, TerraCottem’s fertilizers and natural growth stimulating elements promote stronger and deeper root development. At the same time TerraCottem’s co-polymers surround the roots with water, maintaining optimum levels between irrigation or rainfall events. Working together as a plant establisher, these factors make for a healthy, richly microbial soil and resilient turf: less easily damaged, less easily stressed, less needy in terms of water, fertilisers and other chemicals.

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