Street Trees

uses-street-trees2Tree plantings are very public, especially street trees, and failure is therefore equally visible. Vandalism aside, there are other pressures placed on newly planted trees which can stress new plantings and raise mortality rates. Low rainfall and high temperatures, radiant heat from paved surfaces, extremes of sun and shade, soil compaction and poor soils generally – all can place stress on newly planted stock.

However, tree planting with a plant establisher like TerraCottem significantly increases survival rates. TerraCottem’s co-polymers surround plant roots with water, extending survival between irrigation or rainfall events. Fertilizers provide much needed nutrients and natural growth stimulating elements fast-track plant development. Working together, all these factors build soil health providing newly planted stock a significantly higher chance to survive the critical period just following planting, and for many years after.

Successful street tree planting projects need to start with the right choice of trees, and these trees need to be adapted to both the site’s soil and the climate conditions.  Street trees need to be of good nursery stock, and careful attention must be paid to digging the right sized plant hole.  The optimum size of the plant hole is something that clients receive specialist advice about, as part of the product package.

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