Services, Workshops and Evaluations

workshop12The improved plant survival rates and plant growth gained through using TerraCottem aren’t just due to the product’s physical and chemical make-up. The support offered by TerraCottem’s supplier — in various forms — plays an essential part.

At the outset, TerraCottem staff are available to contribute their expertise in a variety of ways: to clearly define the point-of-need and design a project plan; to organise tests for soil and water quality; to set project objectives and measurement guidelines; to offer a cost benefit analysis; to draw up planting specifications; to offer site support such as equipment selection and calibration.

Training is also offered to maximise the benefit offered by TerraCottem  – through engaging and interactive workshops, delivered by qualified trainers and offered in flexible units to be tailored to a client’s needs. These workshops not only aim to identify the various tools available to improve establishment and maintenance, they also seek to equip managers and field staff with the special knowledge and skills needed to make the best use of TerraCottem  – from establishment through to ongoing maintenance.

The follow-up site visits are another critical support mechanism. These audits document the outcomes, offering valuable data to set actual plant growth and establishment rates against the objectives defined at the outset of a project. This information is an essential part of a management feedback loop, informing future maintenance decisions. (For more info about our training and support services, visit our case studies page.)