Roof Gardens

uses-roof-gardens-darling-parkThe growing movement to green the world’s cities has helped to develop sophisticated systems to support plants on our rooftops.

The engineering beneath roof gardens has moved away from deep soil systems (and the need to support their weight), to new substrates made out of lightweight materials. Despite this, successfully planting roof gardens remains a challenge as green roofs generally have a shallow root zone (varying between 10 and 20 cm) and are subject to extremes of temperature, wind and water.

Soil conditioning is needed and incorporating TerraCottem into the growing medium improves the success of rooftop plantings by addressing each of these stress factors. TerraCottem’s co-polymers surround plant roots with water, extending survival between irrigation or rainfall events. Fertilizers provide much needed nutrients and natural growth stimulating elements fast-track plant development. Working together, all these factors build soil health – essential in a shallow root zone – increasing survival rates of a broader selection of plants.

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