uses-landscape2Anyone designing and constructing landscape projects understands the need for plant establishment with minimum loss and maximum good looks. And while many projects have the luxury of enviable soils and ample water, others do not.

Where there is a challenge, TerraCottem raises the survival rate by addressing the stress factors that come with a difficult setting. TerraCottem’s co-polymers surround plant roots with water, building a higher resistance to wilting and drought stress. Fertilizers provide much needed nutrients in poorer soils and the natural growth stimulating elements fast track plant development, quickly producing healthy, well fleshed-out plants. Working together, all these factors act as a soil improver, maximising plant survival and good looks early on and for many years after. And where flowers are concerned, by reducing plant stress, there are not only more of them, but often over an extended season.

Of course where growing conditions are ideal, TerraCottem offers the same benefits – including a reduced need for irrigation – as well as acting as a buffer against potentially difficult times.

For more about improving soil with TerraCottem, and to read case studies for some of our recent landscape projects, click here.