Landcare and Revegetation

uses-landscape-regen2By definition, a successful landcare or revegetation project is one where a high percentage of plants survive to grow on to maturity. Plant survival rates are crucial to success.

However in many situations, low rainfall and high temperatures place stress on newly planted stock. Poor soils – from erosion, mining, industrial activity or simply, nutrient poor – add further stress to new plantings, raising mortality rates.

As a soil conditioner, TerraCottem raises the survival rate by addressing each of these additional stress factors. TerraCottem’s co-polymers surround plant roots with water, extending survival between irrigation or rainfall events. Fertilizers provide much needed nutrients and natural growth stimulating elements fast-track plant development. Working together, all these factors build soil health providing newly planted stock a significantly higher chance to survive the critical period just following planting, and for many years after.

It’s also worth noting that TerraCottem improves growing conditions in degraded soils by limiting the amount of salinity or contamination available to plant roots – a valuable tool when attempting to restore vegetation in areas reclaimed from the sea or from mines, dumps and industrial areas.

TerraCottem is an essential part of any bush regenerator’s toolkit, and is used all around Australia by bushcare groups, landcare groups and by Greening Australia. Click here to read more.