Synergy 48


Twenty-five years ago, TerraCottem didn’t exist. Dr Willem Van Cotthem at the University of Ghent was poised to discover TerraCottem’s base model: the fore-runner of a soil conditioner that’s made a success of projects around the world ever since. Back then, Van Cotthem’s team (from the Laboratory of Plant Morphology, Systematic and Ecology) were running a research project, growing plants in the semi-arid Sahel region of Africa. The project’s findings were simple and powerful – by mixing certain hydro-absorbent, nutritive and root growth stimulating components, a soil conditioning compound was created that produced dramatic and swift results.

Fast forward to present day and we have TerraCottem in various forms. Based on the Ghent University’s original research and technology, it has since been tweaked for different horticultural scenarios. Alongside the brilliant recipe is the fact that it comes with support, via the horticultural expertise of the TerraCottem team. These are people who know how TerraCottem can help; how best to put it into the landscape; how to train operations staff. They’ll even monitor results and offer the information so everyone benefits.

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