Synergy 45


A few weeks’ back, three of the Australasian TerraCottem team popped over to Singapore for Green UrbanScape Asia, aka GUSA. Given Singapore’s reputation as an astonishing garden city-state, the conference and expo’s theme – intense nature in cities – made perfect sense. Tarrant Baguely and Rick and Tim Sharpe share their observations…

Tarrant, better known as Tazz, has been visiting Singapore for many years now, taking part in conferences and meeting with both government and private landscape entities. “We’ve always met with an interesting collection of expertise there, both locally and from overseas where everyone is very welcoming. It’s an environment where there’s already a knowledgeable base, yet the experts we meet are open and keen to look at technologies or advancements. They are looking to have a dialogue with professionals from outside their experience or borders.”

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