Synergy 42


If you find yourself driving down the new section of the Bruce Highway in South East Queensland – the 17 kilometre stretch between the overpass at Traveston and the other overpass near Pomona – you’d be cruising through a seriously chunky revegetation project. We’re talking big areas, some of it planted over the sort of terrain that’s tricky to work in. But that’s not all. The number of trees that has gone in is also impressive, as is the amount of in-the-office pre-planning carried out long before the tender was actually won…

Jim Bromage of Australian Wetlands knows everything there is to know about this Koala offset planting given he put together the 200 page tender package that won the project. In a virtual form, Jim had experienced many aspects of the project long before that day in December 2015 when work began. To specify is to think ahead, to imagine how everything would be pulled together to not only make a project happen, but make it happen within a reasonable time frame, safely, and to meet the compliance criteria. So by the time the Australian Wetlands crew were on site, there weren’t many unknowns. “Apart from the weather: the rain made it quite dangerous to be working with vehicles on steeply sloped slashed pasture. We lost some time there, but there was no alternative.”


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