Synergy 38


What follows, makes so much sense it will become best practice. It’s a problem solver. A budget saver. And it’s such a brilliant way to refresh abused public open spaces, people actually go out of their way to comment on it.

Vince Cusumano is currently Senior Coordinator Park, Policy, Trees & Natural Areas for Blacktown in Greater Sydney. He made the move roughly three years ago, deliberately stepping into Blacktown’s unique mix of challenges and opportunities. “In an area of roughly 240 square kilometres, we have a high proportion of socially disadvantaged residents. We also have opportunities to
influence future open spaces through new development.” It’s a great situation for anyone who wants to be actively making a difference to the quality of community outdoor space. Vince’s portfolio of works is broad: but we’re interested in one particular aspect – the Blacktown approach to managing graffiti.


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