Synergy 35


If you’re in the hort industry, you know that each green space has it’s own character and quirks – and some spaces are more quirky than others. Take the green space smack at the epicentre of Victoria’s Bendigo. Drive up the Calder Highway and by the time it’s calling itself Pall Mall you can’t possibly miss the fact that this City was built in Victorian times by people who had managed to find a fair amount of gold. It’s a Victoriana-fest, including the green spaces between these gorgeous buildings. It’s these gardens that are the responsibility of the City of Greater Bendigo’s Brendan Beale and his intensive horticulture team…

The fact that they are called the intensive team hints at what’s involved. Their work schedule doesn’t just cycle between turf, trees and renovating a permanent understorey once every three years. No way. Victorian architecture demands formal beds filled with full blown, colourful, carpet-bedding schemes. “We manage two displays a year, planting out the seedlings in November-December
to produce a display from summer through to late Autumn, and then another in winter.”


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