Synergy 28


When you have someone putting landscapes together, who understands that it’s not just about the pieces but the way they all come together, then you get outdoor spaces that feel special. This is the way landscape architect Jeremy (Jez) Clark and his team at Cairns Regional Council tackle their projects, and the results speak for themselves…

Cairns is an interesting place to work. It’s a regional city, set in northern Queensland. It enjoys a tropical climate and it’s neatly positioned as a stepping off point for tourists – Australian and international – who want to see the Great Barrier Reef or more of Far North Queensland. Dig a little deeper into the local scene and you discover that the tropical climate is almost Jekyll and Hyde-like. There is a distinctly soggy season when between two and three metres (yes metres) of rain are dumped onto the city; cyclones visit periodically; and there’s a long spell each year known as The Dry when the rain does not fall. Add those tourists to this scenario – paying visitors who hope to find Cairns looking a bit like Hawaii or Fiji – and you can begin to appreciate the set of challenges faced by Jez and the team. Oh, and one more thing, before Jez arrived nine years ago to take on these very Cairn-centric challenges, his landscape architecture practice was in London.


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