Synergy 26


Some great projects are impressive, and not thanks to a chunky budget. In this success story it’s all down to a quiet achiever. His boss describes him as proactive and forward thinking, someone who can picture the results and knows how to make them happen. He’s clearly the person you want on your team, but you can’t have him since that’s John Murray’s* privilege and (honestly) joy.

The project that best showcases the work of this Quiet Achiever sits in the City of South Perth, where John Murray is Streetscapes and Environment Supervisor. In the mid sixties (a bit before John’s time), a relic of an earlier era – the McDougall’s dairy farm – was handed over to the City to become public open space. Mrs McDougall remained living in the family home until she died in 1979, but in the years in between, she watched and took an active interest in the works that transformed the original paddocks and swampy area into the local landmark, McDougall Park.


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