Synergy 24


Here’s a project anyone would love to get their hands on. It’s got it all – mature trees and funding (who ever has enough?); a crumbling car park, eroded sea walls, a community fiercely protective of their views and a front line coastal aspect that would make it tough to establish plants. Yes, if ever there was a dream foreshore redevelopment, this was it. Derek Hill, the project officer lucky enough to grab and run with it, tells the story…

An hour north of Sydney sits Gosford, a city wrapped around Brisbane Water and surrounded by a collection of national parks and hefty reserves. The amount of green open space per person is big so it’s no surprise that it’s an attractive place to live. Many young families and retirees move up from Sydney where they settle into the areas of dense development that hug the coastline and enjoy the bushland that cloaks the ridges inland. Derek Hill, a landscape architect with a specialty in arboriculture, joined the Gosford City Council team in 2011.


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