Synergy 23


If you’ve ever had all your ducks in a row, you’ll know what a brilliant feeling it is. Everything seems to speed up, nothing goes wrong, and the result is impossibly gratifying. And if you stop to work out why your working day has gone so well, it’s very likely due to three things: the right people, the right skills, the right resources. This story is all about a town where the revegetation-ducks have been lining up in a row for some years now, and the place is appropriately greener because of it…

Port Macquarie is a beautiful town, sitting about half way between Sydney and the Queensland border. Most people who visit would quickly see why Estelle Gough (and her husband and daughter) decided to move there in 1998. It’s not too busy, it’s surrounded by water and the weather is fabulous. Strangely, none of these ranked as highly on Estelle’s wish list as the fact that, as she puts it, “it has great vegetation corridors that were begging to be looked after.”


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