Synergy 21


If your working day revolves around turf, what’s coming next won’t surprise you. It’s a sobering example of what is being faced everywhere in the ongoing battle to maintain the green sward. As long as the general public expects to be able to run out onto a plush green carpet of grass, so an army of experts must juggle their skills and expertise to make it happen. The following case study, set in Western Australia, is a great story. It involves a trilogy of terror: water budgeting, villainous nematodes, and sports season creep. Facing all these is a heroic team from the City of Melville, led in this instance by the canny Alison Waters. Read on and you’ll see how being pressured into thinking out a fresh solution has produced results…

Over a hundred parks are dotted across Melville, covering close to 300 hectares – 270 of which are irrigated. The Council’s horticultural staff numbers around 70 (broken down into six teams), while an estimated 35,000 sporting individuals make use of the City’s reserves year-round. Melville has the usual street tree plantings, passive reserves, roundabouts and playgrounds, not to mention a nine-hole public golf course, all of which are also maintained by Council staff.


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