Synergy 20


Imagine that you’re standing on the sidelines, watching a project go badly pear-shaped. The reason that you are there – witnessing the unfolding disaster – is because you have a product and service to be applied at a set point in the proceedings. You also happen to have the experience and expertise that’s needed to turn the pear into a peach. The question is, what should you do? Nathan Straume has faced just this scenario…

Nathan’s a technical specialist, and in this instance he was the horticultural expert sent along with the TerraCottem specified as part of a turf reconstruction in Queensland. Typically Nathan’s involvement is very straightforward. He liaises ahead-of-time with the team that’s responsible for the installation; he arrives on site to check the preparation works; and he calibrates the machinery that delivers the TerraCottem. And once he’s comfortable that the team on site has it all under control, he waves goodbye. This system works because it keeps everyone happy. The client is happy; the installation contractor is happy; and Nathan’s happy because he knows the TerraCottem has been installed so it will perform as promised. And if it performs, more orders roll on in. This partly explains why, when Nathan looked out over the site he’d just arrived at, he knew he couldn’t let things stay the way they were. It was in everyone’s interests to offer his support.


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