Synergy 19


“I’ve seen thousands of dollars go down that track. Had we gone this way earlier we’d still have those trees today.” In this particular instance Terry Herbert may be talking about trees, but his approach is the same for all the planting he manages. He comes across both as someone quick to spot the snake oil, but also willing to share with others a tip that really works. Which is why TerraCottem is a part of the vast majority of plantings in and around the City of Coffs Harbour. But it was not always so…

Terry is one of the two open space co-ordinators at Coffs (Ron Francis is the other). Where his remit was once the whole gambit – nursery, general parks, trees, special projects, cemeteries and the botanic gardens – for some years now it’s been divided between the two men. Working alongside each other means the work load is more reasonable and each has the other to call upon as a professional resource. Within this scenario resources are used to the max and any fluff soon falls by the wayside.


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