Synergy 18


If you’re in the revegetation business, and you’re good at what you do, then the chances are you never underestimate a project’s potential to turn tricky. For example, you might be working on a level section of planting along a median strip – innocent enough until you see a trainload of returning commuters trample across it each day to get to the car park. Being good at re-greening spaces clearly has a lot to do with understanding your local conditions, the unique set of stresses being placed on each site, and keeping yourself up with the best methods and tools available. Oh and one more thing, it’s good to take responsibility, to do the job well… for the long term.

Jock Hansen revegetates landscapes in and around Mackay where he’s lived and worked for more than a decade. The ‘green’ in his company’s name, Mackay Green Solutions, is all about making a positive long-term difference in a region that’s booming thanks to coal mining and a growing sea-change population. This boom, plus some intensive cane farming practices, are putting pressure on how well the broad landscape’s currently functioning. Various initiatives, with government and private funding are working to re-establish a balance, and Jock and his team are playing their part.


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