Synergy 13


We love revisiting our project sites to see how they’re progressing (yes – it’s hard to let go). And since people move around a fair bit these days, it’s not often you can catch up with those you worked with, to get their take on things. So here’s a rare moment – a recent chat with Leichhardt Council’s Manager of Parks and Streetscapes, Vince Cusumano. Ten years ago he raved about one of our jobs, and he’s still happy with the results…

Back then, Vince hadn’t yet used TerraCottem, but luckily for us he’s the type of person who likes to give things a go. He also explained that he’s quick to pull the plug when things don’t live up to the promises. As he said back then, “I’d give it the boot, and give the people who gave the spin a fan spray.”


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