Synergy 12


If two people hadn’t taken a risk, this story would never have been told. But they did, and thanks to them, it has a very happy, storybook ending…

Gosford City Council has its fair share of sportsgrounds (around 70 hectares worth), and in amongst them all is the three-hectare section known as McEvoy Oval at Umina Beach. Home to an unrelenting amount of activity, according to both Gosford Council’s Active Open Space Co-ordinator Karen Tucker, and Project Officer Glen Howe, this sand-based ground has always found it hard to recover. As Karen describes it, “McEvoy Oval is used for touch football, little athletics, school athletics and soccer training. Typically it would be very difficult to maintain grass coverage on the 100 and the 400-metre tracks so that you couldn’t find the lane lines. The grading was also a problem.. It wasn’t an ideal site and it was only getting worse.” Explains Glen, “We’d be laying turf each year to patch it up and using a substantial amount of our water licence and still we’d have trouble stopping it breaking up.”


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