Synergy 10


When stage one of Adelaide’s Port Expressway was completed around eight years ago, two more stages were waiting in the wings – two single span bascule drawbridges, sitting side by side over the Port River, one for vehicles and the other for rail. Completed in 2008, landscaping was to provide the finishing touch to this remarkable piece of engineering.

As is always the case in a project like this, various factors influenced the landscape design. For safety reasons, sightlines had to be considered and set areas kept clear of obstacles which could exacerbate the degree of damage or injury in the event of a traffic incident. The design also needed to accommodate various urban cultural artefacts. Two plaques identify the bridges: one named for WWll hero Tom ‘Diver’ Derrick, and the other for Australia’s first patron saint, Mary MacKillop; and a sculpture is sited nearby acknowledging the site’s First Peoples, the Kaurna.


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