a gold quality playspace

If you missed the story on Ruth Czermak first time round, here it is again. Believe us, it’s worth the read, and we’re not alone in thinking her work is remarkable, given one of the projects featured has won Gold at this year’s Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers awards.

uncropped-hero-shotAward winning dirt & sand, flowers & fruit, sun & shade, different levels, paths, birds and butterflies … all for a child’s play experience.

As Ruth explained, she and her team at Botanical Traditions were, “….honoured to receive this award for our rooftop playground and garden” and that their goal has always been simple, “… to provide an inspirational space to encourage children’s growth through play and experience with nature.” And that’s exactly what has been achieved at Platypus Junction centre in Melbourne’s Mulgrave, and why the project won both a Gold and the Best in Category awards.

The Botanical Traditions team have done a terrific job – of creating a flexible, nature-filled space – so much so that it’s easy to forget that you’re up on the roof. What’s obvious is that the thoughtful design effortlessly encourages imaginative and ever-changing play in a natural outdoor environment. Congratulations all round.

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